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Spend a few hours in Italy’s top 5 cities


Italy is a diverse country from which practically no one can leave indifferent. It is really difficult to choose 5 cities that you could not miss, because in reality in Italy there are so many magnificent cities full of surprises, that choosing a few has been very difficult for us. But, by consensus, in BYHOURS we wanted to make a small selection where you could spend a few hours and enjoy as never before the beautiful Italian culture and its great gastronomy. Do you want to discover them with us?

Rome. The so-called eternal city is undoubtedly a box of surprises. In this case, a few hours won’t be enough, as there is something new hidden in every corner. But you can start by seeing a little and make sure you’ll come back. It is the most visited Italian city by tourists from all over the world. Some of its most iconic sights such as the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Vatican or Santa Maria Square in Trastevere are a must on a short visit. And after all that walking and discovering, there’s nothing better than a 3-hour break in a hotel like the H10 Roma Città.

Milan. Small but essential. The city of fashion, where the most fashionable fashion shows and events are held. In this city the modern and the ancient merge, between its architecture and its people, you can visit the famous Vittorio Emmanuel galleries or its grandiose Cathedral, which will allow you to take some incredible photos in front of its white façade. What do we recommend? Choose a guided tour and get to know in a couple of hours the best corners of the city. Afterwards, rest in a top hotel like the NYX Hotel Milan by Leonardo Hotels.

Lampedusa. We assume that it is an island and not a city. But we couldn’t leave it off the list, because its crystal clear waters, its climate and its nature make it unique. Moreover, its people have shown great nobility by being a reference in welcoming immigrants during the last few years; if you are a fan of scuba diving, paradisiacal beaches and sailing routes, Lampedusa is your island!

Venice. Famous for its canals, are you going to miss a gondola ride in this beautiful city? A few hours to stroll around, see the marvellous Piazza San Marco or discover the best artisan mask shops. You will be fascinated by the streets and bridges that connect them, as well as the joy of the gondoliers who sail along them.

Florence. If in Rome you can find surprises in every corner, the same is true for Florence. Full of art, its history is magnificent and its monuments will leave you speechless. Thousands of things to see and discover, it is a must-see in Italy. Of course, after so much sightseeing, a 3 hour rest at the Hotel MH Florence Spa will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to continue.

Now you have no excuse not to visit Italy, whether it’s for a day, two days or just a few hours. Which is your favourite city in this country?

And remember, you can see the different ideas of countries to visit that we give you in our blog, so don’t miss out!

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