We often live longing for everything we want to do and we can not for lack of time. We think about those great things that make us dream, leaving aside everything we have around us, making it small and insignificant. Until one day reality shakes us and everything stops. We begin to see how a mid-morning coffee, a kiss when we get up, a hug when we say goodbye, or a simple dinner with friends in the living room, are much larger than we previously believed.

Often, reality comes and reminds us that we need to look ahead, realize who we are next to, and value more those little things that give us great happiness on a daily basis.

On world happiness day, from BYHOURS, we can’t think of a better idea than to pay tribute to all those plans that we can now make from home, and that are going to get us more than a smile. Moments that will bring us moments of happiness.

· A peaceful breakfast. How many times have we left the house without having more than a coffee in a hurry because we didn’t arrive. Or how many times have we longed to have that delicious toast with eggs that we like so much while the warm sun rays come out the window. Routines that make us miss very important moments of the day and that now, at home and with time, we can incorporate. Eating breakfast with yours while you start the day with energy is a great plan.

· Look again at family photo albums. Just like before, it seemed like a matter of grandmothers to look over and over photos of past years. But have you noticed the power of a snapshot? Remembering, reliving special moments, surfacing hidden feelings… A photo of paper or digital transports us to that place, to those people, to that memory… Beware that more than one will thrille.

· Plan a getaway in your own city. Okay, now we can’t leave the house, but who said that we won’t do it anymore? Treat yourself and start now to think about all those plans that your beautiful city offers you. A visit to a monument, go to the cinema, a meal with friends in the restaurant you like the most, a leisurely stroll through the center, a BYHOURS micro-stay in that top hotel… You won’t stop!

· Spend time and take care on yourself. It is time to stop and make up for lost time. A little meditation, reading, exercise… everything that relaxes and cultivates us, now more than ever, has a place in our routine. And when everything happens… Don’t forget to keep pampering yourself!

· Watch a movie without ads and with the phone turned off. The overexposure of information and daily inputs that we have is stressful. It can overwhelm us and not let us focus on what really matters. Turn off all those devices that are not necessary and choose your favorite movie. It’s time to enjoy between popcorn and sofa.

· Search for new destinations to discover. Internet will be our great ally. And BYHOURS will help you find the best hotel to spend a luxurious day thanks to the 3, 6 and 12 hour microstay. What do you prefer? Choose your plan, look for the activities to do and the place where you can relax. Easy, fast and cheap; after all the effort, you deserve it.

Remember, when you stop you discover that happiness is that. And that until now you had not become aware of it. Breathe, thank and think of all the good that is to come. Whether at home or on the street, World Happiness Day can be celebrated.

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