BYHOURS nace en 2012 para aportar la flexibilidad y la personalización que estabas buscando a la hora de reservar hoteles. Por eso lanzamos la primera plataforma que permite reservar horas de hotel a nivel internacional. Ahora puedes elegir la hora de entrada, cuánto tiempo alojarte y pagar solo por el tiempo que necesitas.

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Enjoy a BYHOURS with your partner: you deserve it!


Time as a couple should always be quality time, moments to connect with that special person and have fun together. It would be idyllic if this were always the case, because day-to-day life, stress, work, children (if you have them) and the different social and work commitments that we all have, mean that we don’t have as many moments to spend with our partner as we would like.

In summer periods we can take advantage and have more time for ourselves, enjoying again the courtship or marriage that unites us. The problem comes when we return to the routine that absorbs us most of the day and reduces a lot the plans that we would love to do alone with our partner.

pareja romantica habitación

And how to break the routine with your partner?

At BYHOURS we are aware that whether you have children or not, you will love this idea. A solution that you can do to surprise your partner, or that you can plan and choose together. Book a micro-stay in your own city for 3, 6 or 12 hours and enjoy quality time without anyone bothering you.

Endless chats, swimming in the pool, relaxing in the spa, romantic dinner in the restaurant, sleeping in a king-size bed… There are so many things you can enjoy together!

You can surprise your partner with an afternoon of 3 hours in a great hotel after work and take a break. You also have the option of making a mini weekend getaway to a nearby town and book your room for 12 hours. It will be a relaxing night and much more economical, making the most of the hours of tourism and pampering for the two of you.

The best advice we can give you from BYHOURS is not to neglect love, trying to make plans as a couple whenever you can and enjoying together. There is no need to make big trips or spend large amounts of money. With a micro-stay you will have everything you need to be relaxed, calm and very comfortable, up to 70% cheaper. Who said that moments as a couple were difficult to find?

And if you want to know more plans for couples with BYHOURS, visit our BYou blog section full of ideas and hotels for the two of you.

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Enjoy a BYHOURS in your travels


As far as possible, the time has come to travel, to discover new places and to enjoy the journey. Because the important thing about the trip is not the destination, but the experience along the way. And the fact is that we all like to spend leisure time, either alone or accompanied, being able to organize fun plans and improvise in case of any unforeseen event.

If you are thinking of traveling by car to visit a distant destination, whether it is 4, 6 or 8 hours of travel, the important thing is that you rest and go with total comfort and safety in your travels. That’s why in BYHOURS we want you to feel rested to the maximum, and that every time you drive you do it with the certainty that both you and your companions are at 100%. It’s time to tell you to make a BYHOURS in your travels. Stop for a few hours at the nearest hotel and relax.

Is it hot? Great, choose a hotel with a pool and cool off in your micro-stay. It’s important to fight the hottest hours of your trip by stopping and not taking incense risks.

It’s getting late? No problem, even if the night is falling, you can choose 12h of hotel halfway and rest. Because there is nothing more important than being able to be one hundred percent attentive to the road. So sleep and resume your route without worries.

You decided to go by plane and the flight has been delayed? With the current situation and so many last minute changes, the possibility of being stranded at the airport for a few hours is real. Nothing better than to choose the nearest hotel and book for 3, 6 or 12 hours depending on what suits you best. Make a BYHOURS out of your waiting time and turn it into a new and fun experience!

Hotel Hilton México Aeropuerto
Hotel Hilton México Aeropuerto

Hotels near airports, train stations, in the middle of the city or on the outskirts. With BYHOURS you will find thousands of options to make your trips safe, relaxing and personalized. You choose the moment you need to make a BYHOURS, you can book up to 1 minute before your microstay. Has it ever been easier?

Visit and discover the best hotels in your travel destinations for this season, remember, the journey starts from the moment you leave home!


LifestyleTime to relax

Celebrate the Wellness Day in a spa with BYHOURS

wellness day

There comes a time of the year when we all deserve a break. A weekend, a day, an afternoon or a few hours just to relax. Is that why Wellness Day was invented on 13 June? A day when there is no excuse not to go ‘off’ for a while and have a great time in a spa. It could be a massage, thermal waters or pools with endless waterfalls and hydromassages.

From BYHOURS we have chosen some of our hotels with spa so that you can decide where to celebrate the ‘Wellness Day’, or the wellness week… Why not? 😉

With us you can choose the best moment for you and relax for a few hours. Do you want to spend 3 hours in a jacuzzi and hydromassage pools? You can! Do you prefer 6 hours where you can also enjoy a massage? You can! Have you thought about staying to sleep and getting up and going straight to the spa? You can!

With BYHOURS you have plenty of options to make the ‘Wellness Day’ your favourite moment, whenever you want.

NHC Madrid Eurobuilding. We warn you that if you choose to spend a few hours to celebrate the ‘Wellness Day’ in this hotel, you have a great chance of falling in love with it. Its facilities and spa leave no one indifferent. How about a massage?

Gran Hotel La Florida. Located at the highest point of Barcelona, very close to Tibidabo, it has magnificent views. Relaxing in a luxury spa can be much more than an unforgettable experience. You’ll come out of your hotel hours as good as new.

Cádiz Plaza Spa Hotel. In the south of Spain you can also relax with BYHOURS. In this case, a hotel with a perfect spa to go with your partner and surprise him/her while you enjoy the jacuzzi and its atmosphere that will transport you to another world. Can you think of a better way to surprise?

Hotel Concordia Barcelona. Just 800 metres from Montjuïc, it’s a good place to stop off in the city itself after strolling and sightseeing, to finish off with a moment of ‘zen’ in its spa. Because hotels are not only for tourists from abroad, and you can also live a magnificent experience in them.

The Westin Palace Madrid. Entering this hotel is like travelling to another era. Stately and luxurious, you can afford a micro-stay with BYHOURS and book a spa. Massages, saunas, swimming pool? Why not?

Now that you’ve seen a selection of spa hotels, do you know which one you’re going to choose to book your micro-stay? It won’t be because we haven’t warned you 😉


*We recommend that you check with the hotel beforehand the regulations for access to its wellness facilities.


Sabre teams up with BYHOURS to distribute hotel microstays and support the recovery of hospitality

Agreement makes Sabre the first global platform to offer hotels reservations by the hour, a new trend in the hospitality industry.

SOUTHLAKE, Texas and BARCELONA, Spain Sabre Corporation  (NASDAQ: SABR), the leading software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry, and BYHOURS, the leading international startup platform for hotel microstays, have signed a new agreement to provide Sabre’s agency community with relevant content that will allow them to sell rooms by the hour through the BYHOURS’ Sabre Red App.

Under the agreement, hundreds of thousands of travel agents using Sabre’s global distribution system (GDS) will have access to BYHOURS’ content, significantly increasing the distribution reach and potential revenue opportunities for BYHOURS and hoteliers across the world while providing travel agents access to the relevant content that their customers demand.

“Giving travel agencies the power to offer relevant content to satisfy the changing needs of their clients is paramount to Sabre. Today, more than ever, travel buyers want access to a broad range of content that  better meets the needs of today’s traveler,” said Traci Mercer, senior vice president of product segment, Sabre Travel Solutions. “We are excited to provide Sabre-connected travel agencies the ability to further personalize the customer experience with BYHOURS’ unique microstay content that provides more flexibility while creating value for all stakeholders across the ecosystem.”

This distribution agreement comes at a key moment for the global travel industry, as COVID-19 has generated an increased need for microstays whether for business, local leisure staycations or stopover travel. As more companies adopt remote work policies, the need for flexible, comfortable and adequate space to work and conduct important meetings is increasing. Similarly, the desire for local leisure or staycations is on the rise, leading to an increase in microstays. Likewise, stopover bookings have helped to make the traveler feel more comfortable and secure during a layover or in the case of disrupted travel. The ability to easily book rooms by the hour will address these needs and provide an integral solution for the industry.

“It’s a great satisfaction and privilege to be able to partner with pioneering and innovative companies like Sabre. In today’s challenging times, synergies for constant improvement and the ability to offer optimal solutions are indispensable. We have full confidence in the value we will generate together for our beloved hospitality and travel industry,” said Guillermo Gaspart, CEO and Co-Founder of BYHOURS.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, BYHOURS launched in 2012 to provide flexibility and personalization to the hotel booking process. The startup developed the first booking platform that offers hourly packages at hotels around the world. This allows customers to choose their check-in time, how long they want to stay, and pay only for the amount of time they need, enjoying flexibility and saving money with a pay-per-use model.

In 2019, BYHOURS opened their second office in Mexico City as its operational hub for Latin America and the U.S.With this agreement, BYHOURS reinforces the company’s 2021 objective to open up the North American market, beside one of the big companies in the sector.

Sabre remains focused on its long-term vision of creating a new marketplace for personalized travel. The technology company provides a platform that delivers the agility, scalability and stability needed to modernize the travel experience and support an expanding travel marketplace.

Discover the world

Spend a few hours in Italy’s top 5 cities


Italy is a diverse country from which practically no one can leave indifferent. It is really difficult to choose 5 cities that you could not miss, because in reality in Italy there are so many magnificent cities full of surprises, that choosing a few has been very difficult for us. But, by consensus, in BYHOURS we wanted to make a small selection where you could spend a few hours and enjoy as never before the beautiful Italian culture and its great gastronomy. Do you want to discover them with us?

Rome. The so-called eternal city is undoubtedly a box of surprises. In this case, a few hours won’t be enough, as there is something new hidden in every corner. But you can start by seeing a little and make sure you’ll come back. It is the most visited Italian city by tourists from all over the world. Some of its most iconic sights such as the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Vatican or Santa Maria Square in Trastevere are a must on a short visit. And after all that walking and discovering, there’s nothing better than a 3-hour break in a hotel like the H10 Roma Città.

Milan. Small but essential. The city of fashion, where the most fashionable fashion shows and events are held. In this city the modern and the ancient merge, between its architecture and its people, you can visit the famous Vittorio Emmanuel galleries or its grandiose Cathedral, which will allow you to take some incredible photos in front of its white façade. What do we recommend? Choose a guided tour and get to know in a couple of hours the best corners of the city. Afterwards, rest in a top hotel like the NYX Hotel Milan by Leonardo Hotels.

Lampedusa. We assume that it is an island and not a city. But we couldn’t leave it off the list, because its crystal clear waters, its climate and its nature make it unique. Moreover, its people have shown great nobility by being a reference in welcoming immigrants during the last few years; if you are a fan of scuba diving, paradisiacal beaches and sailing routes, Lampedusa is your island!

Venice. Famous for its canals, are you going to miss a gondola ride in this beautiful city? A few hours to stroll around, see the marvellous Piazza San Marco or discover the best artisan mask shops. You will be fascinated by the streets and bridges that connect them, as well as the joy of the gondoliers who sail along them.

Florence. If in Rome you can find surprises in every corner, the same is true for Florence. Full of art, its history is magnificent and its monuments will leave you speechless. Thousands of things to see and discover, it is a must-see in Italy. Of course, after so much sightseeing, a 3 hour rest at the Hotel MH Florence Spa will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to continue.

Now you have no excuse not to visit Italy, whether it’s for a day, two days or just a few hours. Which is your favourite city in this country?

And remember, you can see the different ideas of countries to visit that we give you in our blog, so don’t miss out!

Romantic Moments

BYou: Surprises in a luxury hotel for the couple


Keeping the flame in a couple is essential to keep the relationship alive and everything can go as it goes. It is not easy, the day-to-day routine, the children (if there’re any), and the different responsibilities that we all carry. That’s why the little details are so important to build and maintain a strong and beautiful the relationship of the couple.

Have you ever wondered what your partner likes the most? Surely being surprised is something that pleases him/her and makes him/her especially excited. For that reason, from BYHOURS we want to propose you some ideas that together with the great professionals of the hotels you can make reality. In this case, ideas in luxury hotels where you can book a microstay and enjoy like never before a 5 star superior hotel with all the comforts and distinctions at your fingertips for a few hours.

What could you prepare for your partner in a luxury hotel?

A engagement proposal: Yes, if you are thinking of asking her to marry you forever, the setting can’t be just anything. A luxury hotel will make the moment can be a movie and will surprise her even more. In a high standing environment, nothing can go wrong and the memory will be very beautiful. The staff will surely help you to organize a perfect microstay where to pop the big question.

Relax and premium spa: All the comforts, with high quality products to take care of your skin and your rest. Booking a microstay in a 4 or 5 star hotel you’ll have the possibility to access to its spa and massage area, where you can enjoy the relax and surprise your partner so that together you can take a break from the routine. Surely he/she will love it and for the couple will do great!

Hotel Marquis Reforma México
Marquis Reforma Hotel México

Top gastronomy: The best restaurants to have an incredible evening. Eating delicacies in a hotel where the chef is renowned is incredible. Why not go out at night for dinner and spend 12 hours in the wonderful rooms of the hotel? Surely on the BYHOURS website you can find the ideal luxury hotel in your city where you want to take your loved one.

Personalized luxury details: Don’t hesitate to ask the hotel to help you make your surprise a great one and to make sure that no detail is missing. You know that in a great hotel there’re always thousands of perfect and high quality details. Special soaps for the bathtub, a welcome drink with a special note, excellent 24h service, and a long etcetera designed for your well-being.

Wellington Hotel By Blue One Londres

Have we helped you come up with new ideas for you couple’s plans with BYou? We encourage you to choose the hotel that best suits you and you can make him/her a luxury surprise. Keep in mind that you can enjoy 3, 6 or 12h with all the comforts and services of the hotel, entering whenever you want and paying only for the time you choose.