BYHOURS nace en 2012 para aportar la flexibilidad y la personalización que estabas buscando a la hora de reservar hoteles. Por eso lanzamos la primera plataforma que permite reservar horas de hotel a nivel internacional. Ahora puedes elegir la hora de entrada, cuánto tiempo alojarte y pagar solo por el tiempo que necesitas.


Hotels for teleworking: a few hours with BYHOURS


We live in difficult times, circumstances have changed our lives in many ways and work has certainly been affected. In recent months, a lot of people stay at home fot teleworking. It has been installed in many companies and has increased in those that had already implemented it. At BYHOURS we have not been oblivious to this and that is why we also offer rooms and meeting rooms by the hour in hotels, so that you can telework by doing team meetings, important calls or have maximum peace of mind during working hours.

So below we would like to offer you a series of hotel recommendations that can help you according to your needs when teleworking.

If what you need is a reserved space in which to hold a business meeting, one option we have is the DOVER room at the Gallery Hotel in Barcelona, in the Paseo de Gracia area. It is a room with capacity for 9 people that has an imperial table ideal for meetings. It also has all kinds of audiovisual material if you need it for your meeting, such as a projector, speakers, microphones, printer, laptops…

Maybe you are on a business trip and need a few hours to telework or hold a video conference. Don’t worry, the time availability is very flexible, to adapt to what you need. For example, at the Hotel Campanile Murcia, you can book the Romea Room, a room that is equipped with natural light, wifi and a projection screen, which you can reserve for 3 hours so that you can hold your videoconference or telework for a while.

Finally, if what you need is a space to carry out a full day’s work, we also offer you that possibility. A very good option that we propose is the SUITE 714 in the Only You Atocha Hotel, in Madrid, a space located on the last floor of the hotel with access to a terrace where you will be able to relax and enjoy magnificent views of the city of Madrid. The best thing is that the hotel is close to the station, so you can make the most of your time until your train leaves.

As you can see, at BYHOURS we have everything you need to make your new working days fit you and most importantly: your comfort. Thanks to our pay-per-use service in both rooms and meeting rooms, you can enjoy the best hotels paying only for the time you need.

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Spend a few hours in the top 5 cities in France


When we talk about France and its cities, without a doubt the first city that comes to mind is Paris. But France is a country with much more to see than just the capital.
That’s why at BYHOURS we want to recommend you what for us are the best 5 cities in the country to visit and where you can also enjoy a few hours in the best hotels in the town.


Bordeaux is famous for being considered the capital of wine, so if you like wine it is a city you have to visit. We propose you to start with a visit to the Cité du Vin, the biggest international wine museum, a unique cultural space in the world that makes wine known through the world and history.
Then, to complete your visit, you can visit some of the best vineyards in France and enjoy a wine tasting.


As we mentioned before, it is impossible not to think about Paris if you go to France, it is certainly a city to visit. If we have to highlight any place to visit in Paris, it has to be the Eiffel Tower, the most emblematic monument of the city and one of the most visited wonders of the world, for a reason.
But Paris is very big and there is much more to see than the Eiffel Tower, so if you need a break to get your strength back before continuing your visit, you can rest for a few hours in one of our hotels, such as the Hôtel Regence Etoile, located a few minutes from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées.


When we think of cities in France, Lille probably doesn’t come to mind, but it is a city full of history and corners to discover.
We propose you to stroll around Vieux-Lille, the old town, a spectacular district for its characteristic architecture, with its red brick houses and cobbled streets, where you will also find the best restaurants in the city and charming shops.


Strasbourg is famous for its Christmas market, the largest in France and Europe, but unfortunately it will not be held this year. However, there is more to do in Strasbourg, such as visiting the Petite France, a picturesque neighbourhood with beautiful wooden houses from the 16th and 17th centuries, where you will also find restaurants, shops and green areas. The place is not very big and you can walk or cycle through it, but if you want a different perspective you can also go by boat through the canals.


Located on the Mediterranean coast, it is considered the most important city on the Costa Azul. One of the essential places to see in Nice is the Promenade des Anglais, a 7 km long promenade that you can cycle along while enjoying the view of the sea and its beaches and emblematic and famous hotels such as the Hotel Negresco.
And if after the bike ride you need some time to rest, you can spend a few hours at the Aston La Scala Hotel Nice, a top hotel located only 5 minutes from the beach.

And these would be our recommendations to visit in France, very varied places and each one with its particular charm. And don’t forget that if you need to rest for a few hours, you can do it in any of our hotels.

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BYou: your favourite hotels in Mexico to enjoy with your partner

barcelo reforma mexico

Without a doubt, romantic scapes are one of those things that really make us feel “butterflies in our stomach” and make your heart race. Our goal is to make those moments with your partner memorable, but, how do we do it? By giving you hotel recommendations with specific characteristics so that you can enjoy an exciting moment with your partner where you only pay for the hours of your stay.

They say life is measured in moments, and surely the moments you spend with your partner are very valuable. Getting out of your comfort zone and hop on living new experiences with that person is always something nice, like eating your favourite dessert for the first time.

coulpe in a relax massage

When we talk about experiences and new adventures we automatically think “ugh, travelling”, but what no one has told you is that in BYHOURS, you can feel the same emotions being in a hotel in your city.

We worry about so much about those moments that we are always thinking FOR YOU, that is why in this section you can find recommendations for any occasion, like spending some romantic time, a romantic scape or simply enjoying the compay of that person that you are in love with.

Discover your favourite hotels to stay with your partner in Mexico


If what you are looking for is ejoying a nice romantic dinner with a very wide menu that offer Italian food, Japanese food and some nice meat, Hotel Barceló is without a doubt a good choice for you. With an excelent location in Av. Reforma next to the Monumento a la Revolución, and close to Alameda Central and Zócalo capitalino. And so that you can chill with your partner, it also has an exclusice spa with vapour and sauna for free, climatized pool and a 24 hour gym so that you can burn the dinner you had the night before.


They say love enters through the stomach, and in Hotel Punto Mx, they know that. You can enjoy a tasty meal in their Mexican restaurant and bar that will leavy you speechless. They have an incredible terrace with a nice view to the heart of CDMX. With no doubt, a delight for that special night. Located in the historic centre of the city, 8 minutes walking from Zócalo and the Catedral Metropolitana. The Palacio de Bellas Artes and Torre Latinoamericana are located only 850 metres from the hotel.

pareja romantica habitación


Are you travelling with your partner and you want to relax before your flight? This hotel is indicated for you. Not only they can get you to the Terminal 2 of the AICM for free, but they also have a restaurant and a bar so that you can relax with your partner or simply so that you can have some hours of privacy before flying in a crowded airplane. Located in the T1 of AICM with a fabulous view of the landing tracks.

vistas de la pista de aviones del aeropuerto de Mexico


An incredible option with totally new facilities for an scape with your partner in the banks of CDMX, extremely recommendated for movie night, pizza and some wine while admiring the amazing architecture of the city. Located in Santa Fe just 5 minutes by car from Santa Fe Mall and at 9 minutes from Parque la Mexicana.

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Do a detox after Christmas events


We have been looking forward to the events of Christmas and New Year, and as these days come around we have not taken it easy to eat and celebrate. After all, who can resist the delicacies that have been on the table all these days, it is necessary to return to healthier habits. So, nothing better than a total detoxification to eliminate all the toxins and revitalize our body and mind.

With this in mind, at BYHOURS we have prepared some tips to help you start the year in the most peaceful and healthy way!

Drink more water

Let’s start with some easy advice that we can simply include in our daily lives without much effort. Increasing water consumption brings great benefits such as hydration and a better functioning of the body, especially for those who have increased their alcohol consumption. How about leaving the water bottle always nearby? Your skin and liver will thank you!


Drink the famous green juice

We have all heard of the famous green juice, loaded with cabbage, lemon, ginger and the like. This type of detox juice is a great option to eliminate toxins from the body, decrease fluid retention and achieve more physical and mental vitality.

Detoxification is nothing more than eating right! Including vegetables, plenty of water and green foods on the menu already makes a difference.

For those who don’t like some of these ingredients very much, they can investigate the variety of fruits and vegetables that make up a green juice, choose the options they like best and achieve the same results.


Now that, improving our eating habits and making our menu healthier, the cleansing and detoxification are already in action, we need something very important. Another good practice that will eliminate not only toxins, but also the “extra fat” obtained at parties, is the practice of sports.

And we are not talking about becoming a fitness or elite sportsman, but a good walk, cycling or climbing the stairs of your building contributes to physical well-being and is extremely healthy and recommended, especially after a few weeks where we have been more sedentary.

Less mobile and social networking

We are connected all the time to mobiles, computers and social networks, especially when we have events and family gatherings where we want to record every moment and share it with friends. But even for this excess of connection, a virtual detox is necessary, where it is extremely important to disconnect and reserve a few days or hours of quality for us. Experience “Offline” time and allow yourself to spend time with yourself, rest and relax away from the internet.


Have you ever taken a day off to relax after so many celebrations and events? Toxins are not only found in the air we breathe or in the food we eat, but also in the environment around us. Even to activate our creativity and have more productive days the mind needs space to rest.

So why not take a day to relax and unwind? At some point, at least, take the time to do nothing. A few hours in a hotel on a micro-stay basis is an excellent suggestion to use now to do this type of detox.

Detox in the soul

Basically, detoxification consists of eliminating the substances that are not useful, which also affects our energies and thoughts. A good reading, a coffee with friends, contact with nature, time with the person you love or good music already transform your mood. All these small actions can be considered an energetic detoxification. Working with positive feelings and thoughts detoxifies the mood and emotions, making them lighter and better prepared for life’s events and challenges.

Start the year with health, renewed energies and ready to face 365 days full of new opportunities. Life becomes easier and more fun when we are healthy.

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Top hotels to spend new year’s eve in your city


New Year’s Eve is always special, a night to celebrate and spend with our people. However, in this exceptional year, we’ll have to adapt to live New Year’s Eve in a different way.

In some countries there will be more or less restrictions, but what is clear is that we won’t have the typical crowded parties. But when a problem arises, an opportunity arises aswell, and at BYHOURS we have several proposals to help you have the best possible year ending. With our 12 hour packs you will be able to spend the whole night in a hotel with all kinds of luxuries and comforts, to enter the new year in the best way.

Below we show you a recommendation of hotels in different destinations where you can spend a more intimate and different New Year’s Eve.

Hotel Renaissance Barcelona

A very good option to spend New Year’s Eve Barcelona. This hotel is located on Paseo de Gracia, just 5 minutes walking from great works of Gaudi such as Casa Batlló and La Pedrera.

If you feel more like staying at the hotel, there is the Goja Rooftop Experience terrace, where you can enjoy a dinner with a magnificent view of the city and say goodbye to the year with some cocktails.

Hotel Barceló Imagine

If you are going to spend New Year’s Eve in Madrid, we recommend you to spend it at the Barceló Imagine Hotel. The hotel has a gym and a massage room so you can relax and unwind. Finally, after dinner, you can say goodbye to the year while you have a cocktail while admiring the views of Madrid in its panoramic room.

Hôtel Holiday Inn Paris Gare de Lyon Bastille

Paris, the city of love, a great option to spend New Year’s Eve with that special person, walk around the Champs-Elysées, visit the Eiffel Tower, and spend the night in a luxurious hotel. The hotel is located in the center of Paris, and has a restaurant and a gym, besides having the particularity that they admit pets. So, if you want to say goodbye to the year with your pet as well, you can do it.

Roman Holidays Boutique Hotel

If you are spending New Year’s Eve in Rome, this hotel is located in the center of the city. Moreover, if you want to wish for 2021 to be better than this 2020, the Trevi Fountain is less than 15 minutes away by public transport. The hotel has a spa and wellness center where you can enjoy a sauna and Turkish bath to say goodbye to this stressful year in the most relaxing way.

Novotel Medellín El Tesoro

Located inside El Tesoro Shopping Park, which brings together a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment with an amusement park, cinema, football pitches… It’s a place you won’t get bored in! And then you can relax by the hotel’s outdoor swimming pool or eat at its restaurant which specialises in international cuisine.

Warwick Doha Hotel

Finally, a good and different option is to spend the end of the year in Qatar. It is usually very hot all year round, but in winter you can enjoy very pleasant temperatures of around 20-25 degrees, although you will have to take into account that at night the temperatures drop quite a lot. The hotel is located in Doha’s city centre, close to the main tourist sights and with easy access to the big shopping centres.

So you know, if you are going to spend the end of the year in one of these destinations, come and live it in one of these hotels enjoying the city and 12h of hotel. And during the day, you can make plans in your own city.

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These Christmas we deserve time and experiences


What do you think when someone tells you to summarize your 2020? What do you miss about this strange year we leave behind? Now that Christmas is coming we value how these 12 months of obstacles, suffering, effort and solidarity have been. We would have never thought that sci-fi would be surpassed by such an atypical year like this last one. Among all the losses we had, time and experiences we have missed during the pandemic have been two key points.

Now that it seems we can start to enjoy a little bit and regain what we have so strongly desired, it is the moment to not let it scape. Time and new experiences with our loved ones. What else do we need? Nothing else!

ritual luces de noche

At BYHOURS we have proposed ourselves to make these two wishes a reality by our new giftcards: ‘Micro-Holidays’. As easy as enjoying some quality time and new experiences  in 4* and 5* hotels, but with the opportunity to give a surprise to your loved ones. Friends, family, partner… Who would you like to award this great opportunity?

We explain to you how it Works and what can you give with it, so that this Christmas you can be the most original.

Your Micro-Holiday giftcard at the Price you decide

With this option you have it easy. You will only need to choose the price you would like to give in the Micro-Holidays giftcard web and you will receive your giftcard so that you can give it to the persone you want. You will need to choose prices between 25, 35, 55 or 100 euros, so that later you can exchange those prices in order of the hotel and hour pack the receiver chooses. You already know all our microstays are double, so you can book for two persons.

Thought this year would not be original? Here you have the best option to give some quality time and surprise who you love most.

A luxury experience pack

With this option your Christmas will surely have a plus. Make sure the receiver book one day and time zone, because you will be giving hime the best experience in his/her own city! For this option, you can choose between different time packs (3, 6 or 12h) along with an extra plus: lunch, spa, dinner, breakfast in the hotel room, massage… An infinity of details that can lead you to live a new experience in a luxury hotel at the best price.

A present for your partner, parents, for that inconditional friend… everyone deserves that time, rest and new experience! It is clear that you will. The best thing is that you can give it to them yourself or we can send it to him/her by mail, so that it can be a very digital surprise 😉

This Christmas get back what we have lacked this 2020: time and new experiences to enjoy with our loved ones. This Christmas give our ‘Micro-Holidays’ giftcard with BYHOURS.