BYHOURS nace en 2012 para aportar la flexibilidad y la personalización que estabas buscando a la hora de reservar hoteles. Por eso lanzamos la primera plataforma que permite reservar horas de hotel a nivel internacional. Ahora puedes elegir la hora de entrada, cuánto tiempo alojarte y pagar solo por el tiempo que necesitas.

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Welcome December, we have plans for you!


The last month of the year has arrived. It seems unbelievable that December has already landed in a 2020 that brings us upside down. Without a doubt, it’s been the most atypical year of all and globally! But don’t worry, this is not a post to take stock of the 12 months of the year, that will come, don’t worry. Today we bring you ideas to do during the next 31 days that December has in the calendar. At BYHOURS we’ve plans for you!

While in some places in the world the warmth is just around the corner and you can already enjoy the beach, in other countries the cold has come to stay for a few months. But nothing can stop the pleasure of enjoying the city, the beach, the mountains… or the hotel! So if you really want to have a great time, read on.

Decorating the house Christmas mood

December smells like Christmas, hot chocolate and baked biscuits. December is family and friends, meetings and meals, and decoration, lots of decoration! That’s why we encourage you to get hold of those gadgets and elements you like best and decorate your favourite corners of the house. There’s nothing like making the house beautiful with the Christmas atmosphere. Are you up for it?

Visit your city, is it lit up?

Many cities are already full of lights at this time of year, creating a magical atmosphere in the streets. We encourage you to walk around your favourite places, enjoy the landscape and the company more than ever. And if you get tired after a whole day… Book a micro-stay and rest in a luxury king size bed!

Dinner and sleep at your favourite hotel

That we cannot yet travel or tour new cities far from home? Don’t worry, at BYHOURS we have the solution. We have more than 3.500 hotels worldwide. 600 cities where you can find a hotel near you where you can eat an exclusive menu and sleep 12 hours paying only for the time you are really going to be there. It’s a great plan and you know it!

Sunbathe in the hotel pool with the best views (only suitable for the southern hemisphere)

Yes, we feel it for the rest of the world that doesn’t live in some country in the southern hemisphere… But on this occasion only they’ll be able to enjoy a few hours of sunshine in the best pools overlooking the city, the countryside or an infinite beach. Because they can book a microstay and not only enjoy the room, but also all the services offered by the hotel: swimming pool, gym, spa, restaurant… Isn’t it wonderful to stop and enjoy December like this?

Skate on a dream ice rink (only suitable for the northern hemisphere)

Don’t think we forgot the rest. Indeed, there’re also flat areas where the cold sets in at the end of the year. What do you say to skating in the middle of the city? With that ‘Christmas mood’ we were talking about and everything lit up, we find it a very appealing activity. What if you combine visiting the city + skating + resting with a microstay? You won’t leave the city, but it will have been worth it more than ever to enjoy it in a big way. Why not?

We hope you liked these small but fun December plans and you can enjoy them. We invite you to leave a comment with your ideas so that we can share with you what we’re doing during the last month of the year. Welcome December!


How to make your sleeping perfect in a hotel? 5 keys to achieve it


Sleeping well is essential for staying active and healthy throughout the day. Nowadays, sleep is one of the most important factors in hotels and the WHO states that only 20% of the world’s population sleeps as much as they should, which is alarming. Therefore, at BYHOURS we have decided to explain to you the most important factors that a hotel cannot miss when it comes to providing the best rest service to its guests.

There are many types of travellers, some who plan their routes more and others who are more adventurous. In spite of this, it is always advisable to rest in a hotel for a few hours before reaching your final destination. This is where the quality and comfort of these establishments comes into play, as well as their environment, because you do not rest in all of them in the same way. Therefore, a hotel that prides itself on its ability to help guests fall asleep just as well, or even better, than at home:

1.Suitable mattress: 70% of the hotel clients consider that the mattress is the main criterion to choose a good establishment of this type, since their good rest will depend on this factor. Also, the quality of the mattress is becoming a very important factor when it comes to the evaluation of a hotel by the users, being at the level of the breakfast or the silence factor. Compared to the 10 years of life of a normal mattress, those of the hotels are changed every 5 years and:

    • They require special characteristics such as firmness, elasticity, permeability, thermal insulation, fatigue resistance, triple barrier treatments against dust mites, bacteria and fungi and the combination of different materials, such as foams, springs, cores, springs, etc. for a long and extensive life.
    • They need greater resistance in the corners due to wear and tear. Sitting on the side when we wake up, when we watch TV or when we tie our shoes, are some of the situations that make the corners wear out very easily.
    • They must be fire retardant or fireproof. To guarantee greater safety for guests in the event of an emergency, this is a prerequisite.
    • That they’re stain resistant is one of the main requirements when buying a mattress for a hotel. Many suppliers provide chemicals to clean these stains by 90%. However, in recent years, other technologies have been chosen for easy assembly, washing and ironing.
    • Many manufacturers produce them on two sides, so that they can be turned over, thus covering some stain or defect.

2. Comfortable pillow adapted to each guest: The goal of using a pillow when sleeping is none other than to keep the head in a neutral alignment position, so dimensions are important. If the pillow is too low, it will cause the neck muscles to sink and the spine to curve downward at the top. This can cause neck pain and stiffness. Otherwise, if it is too high it will cause the neck muscles to stretch and the spine to curve at the top, leading to headaches and neck pain.

3. Good location of the room: The location of the room is something very important when it comes to a good sleeping in a hotel. As a general rule, the rooms on the upper floors are the ones furthest away from the common areas where there is usually the most noise (restaurants, lounges, etc.), so they are ideal for a good night’s sleep. This is why the most luxurious hotel rooms (suites) are usually located on the highest floors.

4. Silent environment: Another fundamental point when choosing a hotel is that no construction work is being carried out on the hotel premises, even in its immediate vicinity, as this type of noise makes it very difficult for guests to relax.

5. Full relaxation thanks to some of the hotel’s amenities, in the form of teas, mineral salts or soaps with which to take a pleasant relaxing bath with foam, the use of the spa area, etc. All these components will undoubtedly help to increase the guest’s rest and the quality of their sleep.

Finally, it should be noted that, according to a study carried out by a famous hotel chain and published in El Economista, the aspect that hotel guests value most is the quality of the mattress and the soft bedding, and they do so by 32%. This is already ahead of those who value breakfast (30% of the total).

And you, where do you get a sleeping perfect?

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Extend a weekend in your city


There are times when it is difficult to leave from escapes far from home, whether it is due to time constraints, economic, logistical… It is not always possible to leave for the weekend without having to think about a thousand things first and without ending up spending much more than the budget. On weekends we like to disconnect, have fun, forget about the daily hustle and bustle and the work responsibilities, which in most cases take up all our time.

But as we have been telling you for some time in BYHOURS, there are many more options that will make you want to stay in your city and feel far away at the same time. To feel that you have taken advantage of the weekend as if you had had 4 days of holiday. Yes, it’s not impossible and if you don’t believe it… keep reading!

To make it easier for you, at BYHOURS we have made a small selection of hotels where you can spend a few hours enjoying yourself to the fullest, disconnecting and flattening out in the city accompanied by some microstay at the hotelazo you like best. Wherever you are from, we are sure you will find an option that fits your budget, your needs and that, of course, will make you have a great time.

Habitaciones - Superior
Hotel NH Las Tablas en Madrid

NH Las Tablas – Madrid. A hotel chain where you know you can always feel at ease.  This NH will make you disconnect from any day-to-day worries and make your weekend longer than ever. There is nothing like sleeping in a comfortable and quiet place to feel in glory.

Kimpton Vividora – Barcelona. A boutique hotel in Barcelona where you can spend a few hours relaxing, have lunch or dinner in its beautiful facilities so well cared for and get to know the city of Barcelona thanks to its central location. Nothing better than resting here after a long walk.

Best Western Plus Galles – Milán. If you are in one of the most famous cities in Italy, after a long morning touring its famous Vittorio Emanuelle ll galleries, it is time to stop at this hotel and enjoy its spa or a few hours of siesta in its king size beds. Undoubtedly, a great choice at a very good price.

GHL Collection Hotel Hamilton – Bogotá. A city that has stolen our hearts. Living in Bogotá is beautiful, but it can also be a little stressful. Nothing better than recovering hours of sleep and relaxation in this wonderful hotel. 3, 6 or 12 hours, whatever you need!

Camapile Paris Porte de Bagnolet – Paris. The city of light and love, the favorite of many tourists. But also a very big city that ends up leaving you exhausted. Between errands, take advantage and rest in this comfortable hotel where you will not lack anything. A sure hit!

Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam - Standard room golden age
Hotel Radisson Blu en Amsterdam

Radisson Blu Hotel – Amsterdam. A top 5* is the perfect place for all those who are in Amsterdam or are planning a fleeting visit to this beautiful city. As beautiful as it is comfortable, here you can enjoy your moment like you never imagined before. And if you go with your pet, it can also be accommodated contigo!

Hotel Casa Blanca – México. A 4* with a pool where you can enjoy the good weather and relax in the middle of Mexico City. Can you ask for anything else? Ah yes, it has some rooms that will leave you speechless. Don’t think about it, it’s a great choice to spend time with your partner, alone or with a friend.

Hotel Casa Blanca Ciudad de Mexico
Hotel Casa Blanca en Ciudad de Mexico

Wherever you are, your microstay in that great hotel you love so much is waiting for you. Whether it’s 3, 6 or 12 hours, it will be a moment that will help you disconnect 100% and extend your weekend like you never thought possible. Oh, and don’t hesitate to visit our website to discover many more hotels and cities, we are in more than 600 destinations, find yours!


We are on television!

portada anuncio tv

Mom, we’re on TV! Yes, yes, as you are reading it. We are really excited to share with you that from now on you can find us on television with three new ads. After a lot of effort and dedication, we have created three spots where you can get closer to the concept of BYHOURS and the different situations you can encounter and where you will surely need to make a BYHOURS.

During the whole month of September and part of October you might turn on the TV in Spain or Italy and… Pam, there we are! If you are as excited as our whole team, or if you simply like our ads, we invite you to share them on your social networks and tag us so that we can share them with the whole BYHOURS community.

modelo anuncio television

A day of recording behind the scenes

During a whole day, part of the marketing team and one of our Ceos, Christian Rodriguez, moved together with the production team and the protagonists of the ads to the recording set. Without a doubt, the location could not be anywhere else but a luxury hotel, where they could live a microstay and really transfer the experience of it. Our two actresses were able to perfectly capture the feeling of the company and transmit it on camera, so that you could see on your own television how good it feels to be in a big hotel by booking a microstay with BYHOURS.

equipo de trabajo en el anuncio de television

Three ads that were recorded thinking of the three most common needs of our clients, so that you can book whenever you need to. Still don’t know them?

Whether for a leisure time with friends or alone, discovering new activities to do in the best hotels in the city, discovering top places.


To work safely and quietly with all the comforts. With the new trend of smart working and given the current situation that the whole world is experiencing, it is best to have a space with all the comfort to give the best of you.


Or to pamper your partner with quality time and new experiences. Because love needs that, to be cared for and surprised to keep growing day by day.

We can’t wait to get all your comments on our television ads and share them together. And remember, if you feel like disconnecting, having a good day, resting between meetings, enjoying the hotel spa, a king size bed, pampering yourself as a couple, discovering new places and top hotels, enjoying the most spectacular views from the rooftop, having a dream breakfast or simply living a new experience in your own city, don’t hesitate to book and make a BYHOUR. Because hotels are not just for tourists!

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post blog 2 portada

There are plenty of plans to be made wherever you are. We know that many of you will have chosen the beach, others the mountain and the rest the city. For that reason, from BYHOURS we want to give you some ideas to enjoy and have fun while you are spending a few days in your favorite place.

If you decided to go to the beach to have a good time, get a tan and swim in the salt water, your plans will be one of the saltiest! We have left you some ideas to enjoy the coast.

Take a snorkeling course. Learn how to dive and sail along the bottom of the sea, you will discover thousands of new species of fish that will make you spend hours and hours contemplating the marine wonder.

Collect pendentives and make a craft. Yes, the beach is full of beautiful shells that you can collect and then make some handicrafts. How? From a painting in a sailor style, to a pendant to show off your summer days on the coast.

snorkel ideas


If you’re one of those who preferred to stay visiting the city now that it’s not full of tourists and you can walk around peacefully, we also have ideas for you. It’s the best time to have a great time!

– A restaurant with a view. It’s time to go back to those places that seemed impossible until now, because of price or availability. There are many restaurants that have opened and have new offers at your disposal. Nothing better than booking in that one with a view and you like it so much.

– A luxury hotel for you. Yes, you can afford to live the experience of staying in a luxury hotel and have all the services it offers, thanks to BYHOURS microstays. You pay for the time you want to stay and you have a plan that you never imagined before. Hotels are not only for tourists!

city microstay


If you have gone to the mountains to disconnect from the world and live nature to the fullest, you are undoubtedly another lucky person. Breathing fresh air and feeling small among so much beauty is something inexplicable. Let us tell you some alternatives ideas to do in these places.

– A landscape photography course. It’s your moment, learn how to do photography and put it into practice among trees and hiking trails. The best practice is within your reach among nature. And you will take a memory with you forever.

Collect berries. Everyone knows that on many roads we will find plants that give us wild fruits, such as blackberries. Take a basket, pick them up, and when you get home make a dessert or a homemade jam. It’ll be very tasty!

We hope you liked these ideas and wherever you are you can put them into practice. In the end, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the moment. Beach, mountain or city, whatever you like best will be perfect for you.

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post blog 1 portada

It seems that everything is coming to an end and the last week of August in many cases means a return to routine and the end of the holidays. At this point, we can’t say that it’s easy to leave behind the naps, the endless nights of chatting, the family meetings on the beach or the early mornings for hiking, which are always more appetizing.

But who said that the holidays as such are over? Maybe there are privileges that we can’t continue to do; getting up at 11am every day may not please our bosses 😉 But you’ll see that many others we can still afford.

Even so, at BYHOURS we have the alternative at the end of the holidays and of the most appetizing moments of the year. Yes, we have a magic formula so that you can continue to relax + have fun + be exclusive at the same time. How? Read on to find out more.

luxury microstay


The Micro-holidays that will save your daily routine

Exactly, you guessed it. If we’ve told you many times about Micro-holidays it’s because they help, and a lot.

Made up of large hotels in the cities and full of affordable plans, Micro-holidays bring you those microstays you deserve when you’re back on the beat.

Post-holiday deprecation is a reality, but at BYHOURS we are willing to let you spend it without realizing it. Treat yourself to a microstay in the best hotels, to enjoy that special “me” moment.

As a couple, with friends, alone… Any excuse is good to go to one of those hotels you’ve always dreamed of and enjoy more than ever the rest, the pool, the restaurant, the spa, the views from the roof… Because coming back from holidays is hard, very hard, but doing it enjoying a microstay whenever and wherever you want, is certainly much easier.

Because every moment is special and unique. Everything leads to exciting experiences that we must squeeze to the maximum. This year more than ever we have realized the importance of savoring the moments of happiness and making the most of every minute. Enjoy it!

microestancia spa