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Make route and rest: Travel with children without despair


Holidays are the most desirable time for all family members. Going out to rest, making relaxed plans on the beach or hiking in the mountains with your children, with nothing else to think about is every parent’s dream. And the children? They too are dying to spend 24 hours at their parents’ side, learn new things, enjoy themselves without schedules or homework, and share laughter and tantrums with their brothers, cousins, friends… Blessed holidays!

When the time comes to decide where to go, a multitude of options appear, seeking the well-being of all. It is more than 82% of the population who decide to start their journey by car and travel through different towns until they reach their destination. Others, who are more daring, make the journey in one go. Travelling with children, clearly the last option is much more complicated if you don’t want to hear every half hour the typical question of “How much longer to go?”.

However, in the end the most important thing is to do it safely. Without rushing and with the certainty that you are in full condition to take your family to enjoy their best vacation, and return home without problems!

At BYHOURS we know that there are different times when you will need us, and that’s why we give you some tips to travel with children and not die trying. Be patient, the trip is also part of the holiday experience and is as important as the destination.

  • Music and games to liven up the road. It is important that children do not spend their time distracting you from the road, so having them entertained is key. Whether it’s with their favourite music or with a game that can distract them and doesn’t involve setting up a large infrastructure, who hasn’t played ‘I spy’ in the car? A classic that can last for hours. Alternate between different options and you will have a great time.
  • A 3 hour stop to rest. Nothing matters more than safety. If you wear your seat belt and your car is in perfect condition, you can’t let your attention and reflexes go wrong. When that starts happening, stop at the nearest place and enjoy a 3h microstay where you can relax comfortably in your room, or eat and take a nap, for example. You can also choose a hotel with a swimming pool so that your children will appreciate those cool hours of rest before returning to the road. Safety and comfort always have to go together, and with BYHOURS it’s possible.

  • Food and drink supplies for everyone. If you don’t want to be stopping every 5 minutes or paying a fortune for a soda anywhere, remember before you leave to bring water and some snacks in the car for those times when the kids are hungry but you still can’t stop. You can do great if you unfortunately have any problems on the road or large caravans are generated. Foresight is important to travel with children.

Remember, the holidays are the most eagerly awaited time and we want everything to go great for you. Hotels with swimming pool, with restaurant or big and comfortable rooms to rest. Travel with children is not easy, but with BYHOURS you will have the peace of mind to stop wherever and whenever you want, no matter what time or place. Thanks to our flexibility and availability, there are no rules for having to stop at a particular place. A stop along the way that is 100% comfortable will make your trip much more enjoyable and, most importantly, safer for everyone.

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Holidays are the time most people look forward to all year round. / Holidays are the time most of us look forward to all year round. (Segons si has posat población o nosotros). That period, whether it is summer or winter, when we have time to ourselves, we relax and are free from daily stress.

We all know that to hear the word holidays, while your mind starts imagining when and where you will enjoy them together with the best company, is like reliving the excitement of children opening Father Christmas’ presents. 

Now more than ever we deserve to get out of the house and rest. For that reason, this year BYHOURS wants to give you a gift and come with you on your holiday plans. We want to be by your side when you wake up, when you have breakfast, when you plan your day, when you relax and when you let yourself be pampered. This year, BYHOURS is going on holiday with you.

Endless ways to take care of you

There are many plans that can be made during the rest days and we are not all of us going to choose the same thing. Nor are we all going to be able to leave the city or go to the beach. But who said that rest was only outside your usual town?

We show you all the plans in which we take care that you enjoy and relax, think of nothing else and feel good.

An express getaway. We don’t always have many days off, or the resources to be a week away from home. But that doesn’t have to stop us from visiting other charming cities. A weekend close but far away at the same time. How? Choose the nearest city you’d like to visit and leap to know it. With a 12-hour micro-stay you can stay a couple of days, pay only for the hours you spend sleeping in a good hotel and disconnect two days from your usual environment.

a girl on the top of the city

A stop on the way. Others will decide to go far away for a few days. They will take the car and their journey may be 500km or more. To travel comfortably and safely, especially if we do it with children, there is nothing better than making a small stop along the way and rest. A micro-stay of 3 hours to enjoy the room and get some sleep; or take a dip in the hotel pool, with the peace of mind of being able to change and settle into the room afterwards. Because when we travel by car, with our family, alone or with friends, the most important thing is to be relaxed and with all 5 senses at 100%.

Relaxation in your city. Not everything is lost while we watch the summer days go by and suffer the heat of the city without being able to go far away. Not by a long chalk! Being a tourist in your city, discovering new corners and relaxing in a 4 or 5* hotel is also possible. Don’t go far, stay here and book that suite you like so much. Hotels are not just for tourists, and with a BYHOURS micro-stay you can escape from the routine in the blink of an eye.

guys on travel

Make the most of your trip. Travelling by plane often means delays or long stopovers that make us waist hours wandering around the airport. There is nothing more annoying for a traveler than not being able to make the most of every moment. That’s why, while you wait for your connection to the next flight or for your reassignment to a new one, a micro-stay at the nearest hotel from the airport will make you feel comfortable, safe, without being exposed to many people and with your luggage under control.

Undoubtedly, whatever you do these holidays, BYHOURS will be there to take care of you. Enjoy and relax will be your only priorities.

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Sometimes our live is pure inertia and we don’t even realize it. Life goes by fast with thousands of impacts everyday.  We’ve been stalling for a while, thinking and imagining what it was going to be like afterwards. We wanted more time with family, more fun with friends, more experiences for ourselves and more moments to think about those around us.

Now that we’re back to normal, nothing can be forgotten. The sunshine is brighter everyday and those little moments that we longed for now bring us happiness and smiles on our faces.

relax in the nature

Some things only happen once in a lifetime, but when they happen, they leave a mark. A hug is comforting for those who receive it and those who give it. A ‘good morning’ on the street when you meet someone gives you energy to start the day happy. To take a coffee with colleagues to disconnect from work creates bonds and friendship.

Now is the time to enjoy all those little things we had forgotten and that are much closer than we thought. 

A romantic getaway with that special person. A moment of rest and bliss in that hotel with spa you love so much. A flying visit to the nearest charming city. A good time with friends enjoying live music in the chicest rooftop in town. A micro-stay to help you keep resting and disconnecting from everything without crossing the world to do so.

friends being happy together

It’s time to live here and now, to feel that we have a lot to be happy about. Didn’t you miss your favourite restaurant three blocks from home? Weren’t you looking forward to go to the beach and feel the smell of the sea? Didn’t you want to turn a normal dinner into an unforgettable date in the coolest suite?

Because the time has come to start enjoying those well-deserved little great holidays; the ones that even being close manage to take you far away. It smells of summer, of freedom, of laughter and endless chatters. It’s time to enjoy your city like you’ve never done before. It’s time to sleep in those nearby hotels that you don’t normally consider. Now it’s time for the micro-experiences that will give you a great summer.

It’s time to realize all the valuable things we have here. Being able to enjoy it again only happens once a year. Are you going to let it go?

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Valentine’s Day, the day of the lovers, a day in which between romantic dinners, gifts and flowers, one seeks to revive the flame of passion, often exhausted by the routine of daily life. For this special day, the marketing team of BYHOURS launched a study to a niche of its users who use the hotel service in packs of hours with their partner (currently 23.5%) . Among the more than 300 responses obtained, three rules stand out, which were repeated in more than 60% of the answers: the secrets for a long, lasting relationship full of passionate love.

Passion, the Holy Grail of relationships

According to Harvard studies, led by Professor Richard Swanton Schwartz, in the process of falling in love the chemicals associated with the reward circuitry flood the brain, producing a variety of physical and emotional responses. It is the state we recognize as falling in love: the racing heart, sweaty palms, flushed cheeks, feelings of passion and anxiety about seeing the person desired.

pareja enamorada

This sensation is carried by the rise of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain, but also brain activity in the caudate nucleus zone, a region associated with the integration of sensory experiences in social behavior, and the ventral tegmental area, associated with pleasure, attention and motivation to pursue rewards. Passionate love also lowers serotonin levels, which brings a hint of obsession and madness in the first few months of falling in love.

Unfortunately for some, during the first year of love, serotonin levels gradually return to normal and the “stupid” and “obsessive” aspects of the condition moderate. That period is followed by increases in the hormone oxytocin, a neurotransmitter associated with a more mature and tranquil form of love. This is precisely when love becomes more mature and the initial obsession subsides.

The three types of love

According to studies by Helen Fisher, a famous American anthropologist, author of “Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love” and one of the world’s experts on love, humans have developed three central brain systems for mating and reproduction: Passion (sexual desire), Attraction (romantic love) and Attachment (Partner Love). Love can begin with any of these three feelings, however, while sexual desire evolved to seek a variety of partners, romantic love evolved to allow the mating energy to be focused on just one person, and attachment evolved to allow you to feel a deep bond with this person long enough to have a family. In each of the states different neurotransmitters predominate and it is the changes in their levels that cause feelings related to desire, sexual attraction or emotional attachment.

ritual luces de noche

Is it possible that the passion lasts?

The most loyal BYHOURS users who use the service to keep the flame of passion alive in their relationship comment that the surprise factor is key to maintaining desire after long years of marriage. More than 40% of the open responses included examples of surprising couples: knowing how to escape from routine, share new experiences or well thought out small experiential gifts are factors that most list couples who claim to have the flame always alive.

The studies confirm the users’ claims. Helen Fisher, asked by BYHOURS about the details of their studies regarding tips to keep the flame alive, commented: “I don’t know what these couples did specifically, but I can tell you what they should do: new, new, new. Any kind of novelty drives dopamine in the brain and that’s the core activity of being in love. It’s a constant exploration and any kind of exploration, physical or spiritual, can help to sustain romantic love over the years.”

infografía sobre la pasión, la atracción y el apoyo

The spark, the vital nourishment of the flame

Undoubtedly, what was most repeated by the happily married users was the factor of continuous surprises. Some tried a new sport, others made romantic blind dates in one of the hotels of BYHOURS, others suggested escapes to unknown places. The spark, however, was the second most repeated factor: “Our secret is to keep living the relationship as if we were lovers,” said Belen, one of the users of BYHOURS. “Absolute trust in your partner makes all aspects of a relationship easier. Keeping the flame alive is complicated but keeping the details in both day-to-day life and sex makes you feel safer by their side. Every day I try to express in different ways what makes me feel (…) every day you have to surprise me so that it is not something monotonous: blindfolding, erotic massages, etc., makes me want my partner more every day. You have to take care of all the details.” – says Almudena, another user.

Help in the fulfillment of your dreams

Asked about the BYHOURS team, Ramon Nogueras Perez, psychologist, university professor, and specialist in couples therapy, says: “The key to keeping the flame is twofold: On the one hand, it’s good to try to avoid habituation, that is, variety matters. A certain routine is inevitable, but it’s good to try to add new activities and situations that allow us to rediscover our partner. On the other hand, one of the most important things is to understand what our partner’s most important dreams are, and to try to help them come true, to draw what Gottman calls love maps. Few things keep a couple’s flame more alive than the thought that you have a partner who’s going to help you achieve your dreams.

tres regalas para mantener la llama de la pasión viva

The golden rules

The happy couples of BYHOURS consider it essential to try to find time to surprise themselves with small details and new experiences, to maintain intimacy and positive thinking. Although surprises and intimacy were mentioned the most, among other advice we found

  1. SURPRISE: Keep the surprise factors in mind
  2. CHISPA: Creating blind dates, trying new things in bed and maintaining sexual desire
  3. NEW: Knowing how to escape from routine and share different things
  4. LAUGHING, LAUGHING, LAUGHING: Bringing a smile to your partner’s face each day
  5. CONFIDENCE: Being friends with each other
  6. INTIMACY: Trying to have intimate moments together every week
  7. ROMANCE: Reliving the romantic moments that initially brought the couple together
  8. RECIPROCITY: Being reciprocal in actions
  9. ATTENTION: Make sure that the couple does not feel neglected
  10. SUPPORT: Support in difficult times
  11. CRAZY: Knowing how to incorporate small doses of madness into the relationship
  12. CARING: Showing love every day through hugs and kisses
  13. COMMUNICATION: Talking things out
  14. ENTHUSIASM: Positivity, energy and optimism
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At a time of maximum globalisation like the one we are living in, one thing is certain: the world’s greatest cities receive millions of visitors a year and therefore no longer hold any secrets. Everything has been visited, every route of interest has been scrutinized and even the most inhospitable corner of any large city has been photographed by some tourist.

In spite of this, at BYHOURS we don’t lose hope, that’s why today we want to talk to you about places that do not appear in the main cities’ guides. Because although we will hardly discover in this post some route that isn’t already known by many, we do believe that we can show you places that maybe are new to you. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find here inspiration to start organizing your next getaway.

metro de Madrid subterraneo

If you find yourself in Madrid, you probably plan to visit the Museo del Prado, Plaza del Sol, Puerta de Alcalá, Parque del Retiro… if there’s something the Spanish capital doesn’t lack, that’s points of tourist interest. However, if you’re into the underground scene, you’ll enjoy visiting the Chamberí metro Ghost Station. “What are you talking about?” you might ask. Well, it’s a real metro station opened in 1919 and abandoned in 1966, which has been recovered as a museum preserving the aesthetics of that time. A unique experience that will transport you back to mid last century and will help you understand how was life in the capital back then.

museo ilusiones de Barcelona

If your trip includes a visit to Barcelona, you will surely have already walked along the Rambla, taken a stroll along the Paseo Maritimo or climbed the Montjuic mountain. But the Catalan capital is also famous for the quality and quantity of its museums, from the Miró Museum to the Picasso Museum, including the Macba or the CCCB. But here we want to discover you another type of museum, one that will allow you to revisit works by classic and contemporary painters, while interacting with them as you have never done before. We are talking about Barcelona’s Museum of Illusions, where the visitor is immersed in all kinds of works through elaborate optical illusions. A unique experience for a special museum.

We can’t talk about cities full of secrets without mentioning Rome. Probably the city that holds the largest number of secrets in the world, mainly because most of them are still buried under the ground in the form of a Roman Empire site. And those that have been discovered, you know them well so we won’t go through them. We’d rather talk to you about Rome’s Orange Garden, a not very well known place despite having a magical aura, especially at sunset. From its almost eight thousand square meters of extension and thanks to its elevation, you will enjoy the best views of the city you can imagine. Rome will shine at your feet like in the times of Julius Caesar.

vistas nocturas de Roma

We got a slice of the underground world talking about Madrid, now we fully go into it with a trip to Berlin, the most alternative European capital. There you will find many underground places full of mystery, but perhaps the most curious of them all is the Spreepark, the only amusement park in Germany that was closed to the public and later abandoned. A post-apocalyptic scenario that will make lovers of the creepy-crawlies fall in love.

The same applies to London, another of the meccas of the alternative culture, cradle of the punk and hippie movements of the 80s. Now you can feel as if you were in the years of flower power fervor, visiting Neal’s Yard, an oasis of color in the heart of the city. It actually is a square with a couple of adjacent streets that are home to bars and terraces full of life. A space that, strange as it may seem, is still relatively unknown to many, so hurry up and visit it before it becomes mainstream route.

noria de Londres

In South America, the main cities of each country are cradles of secrets and mysteries, impossible to name them all, but we have two spaces that can awaken your interest if you take your steps towards Latin America. 

The first one is in Mexico City. Known as “the market of witchcraft”, we are talking about the Mercado de Sonora, located in the city center. It is distinguished by having a great offer of magic, spirituality and religion items of all kinds, being able to find potions and amulets for all kinds of evils. A must visit in what will turn out be a real walk through the roots of Mexican society, deeply rooted in spirituality and Santeria.

vistas de Buenos Aires

The second point to be discovered is in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. Football, tango and politics form its citizens particular triangle of the passions of their. You will be able to discover all of them by visiting the Boca or River stadiums, the thousands of tanguerias in the city or the famous Casa Rosada, house of the Argentine Republic government. But if you want to get out of the classic tourist route, your place is the ecological reserve of Buenos Aires Costanera Sur, where you will discover an authentic green lung very close to the financial district and where you’ll get in touch with dozens of native bird species.

mercado de Mexico

Our journey through the secrets of cities around the world ends here. We hope we have inspired you to undertake your next trip to one of these destinations and if that is the case, don’t forget that with BYHOURS you can book 3, 6 or 12 hours microstays in all of them, as well as in more than 3,000 cities around the world. Whether it is to take a shower, a nap after lunch or to wait for your flight departure, remember BYHOURS supplies your comfort space in the best hotels in the world.




The hotel sector has been highly affected by the health and economic situation that has emerged in recent months, bogging it down into a large crisis. This crisis has caused hotels to encounter a new, so far unknown, paradigm, which makes them rethink the consumption and offer pattern to be proposed to the customers.

The phases to lift lockdown restrictions that our society has experienced, and consequently, shops, hotels and restaurants among others, have meant that we do not currently have the security and freedom to travel to other parts of the world. That’s why local tourism has become the only way out for citizens and hoteliers.

BYHOURS holds the key for supporting the sector so that hotels can continue offering customers what they like best: a stay in the hotel of their dreams.Being the only international platform and app that offers micro-stays of 3, 6 and 12 hours in more than 3,000 hotels around the world, this is the solution for hotel occupancy.

hotel reception

Local tourism will be the trend and the claim among citizens around the world. The motivation of helping the country’s economy and the fact of not being able to travel with total freedom, will make people choose a national destiny for their holidays and relaxing getaways.


What does it bring to the sector?

BYHOURS, since its creation in 2012 and with a worldwide expansion, has brought the freshness and dynamics of offering the user what he needs to the hotel sector. It’s a company that has broken paradigms and has proved that micro-stays are a hot topic, being very cost-effective for hotels. Such is the case that we already have more than 3000 hotels around the world to which we have already generated more than 300K reservations and more than 15 million euros.

The hotels have more visibility thanks to BYHOURS platform, which achieves more than 100k visits per month, and has great reservations figures on a monthly basis. 

hotel room

Thanks to the hotel classification by time pack, country and city, as well as the offered price, users do have it very easy to find the hotels available only on BYHOURS platform. The hotel design and its visualization in the web allows the client to know better the good hotels that collaborate with BYHOURS, and thus to become a recurrent when making reservations.

Do you want to know firsthand how is BYHOURS platform? Our hotel team has prepared a tutorial so that you can see for yourself all that joining BYHOURS can bring to you.