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At a time of maximum globalisation like the one we are living in, one thing is certain: the world’s greatest cities receive millions of visitors a year and therefore no longer hold any secrets. Everything has been visited, every route of interest has been scrutinized and even the most inhospitable corner of any large city has been photographed by some tourist.

In spite of this, at BYHOURS we don’t lose hope, that’s why today we want to talk to you about places that do not appear in the main cities’ guides. Because although we will hardly discover in this post some route that isn’t already known by many, we do believe that we can show you places that maybe are new to you. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find here inspiration to start organizing your next getaway.

metro de Madrid subterraneo

If you find yourself in Madrid, you probably plan to visit the Museo del Prado, Plaza del Sol, Puerta de Alcalá, Parque del Retiro… if there’s something the Spanish capital doesn’t lack, that’s points of tourist interest. However, if you’re into the underground scene, you’ll enjoy visiting the Chamberí metro Ghost Station. “What are you talking about?” you might ask. Well, it’s a real metro station opened in 1919 and abandoned in 1966, which has been recovered as a museum preserving the aesthetics of that time. A unique experience that will transport you back to mid last century and will help you understand how was life in the capital back then.

museo ilusiones de Barcelona

If your trip includes a visit to Barcelona, you will surely have already walked along the Rambla, taken a stroll along the Paseo Maritimo or climbed the Montjuic mountain. But the Catalan capital is also famous for the quality and quantity of its museums, from the Miró Museum to the Picasso Museum, including the Macba or the CCCB. But here we want to discover you another type of museum, one that will allow you to revisit works by classic and contemporary painters, while interacting with them as you have never done before. We are talking about Barcelona’s Museum of Illusions, where the visitor is immersed in all kinds of works through elaborate optical illusions. A unique experience for a special museum.

We can’t talk about cities full of secrets without mentioning Rome. Probably the city that holds the largest number of secrets in the world, mainly because most of them are still buried under the ground in the form of a Roman Empire site. And those that have been discovered, you know them well so we won’t go through them. We’d rather talk to you about Rome’s Orange Garden, a not very well known place despite having a magical aura, especially at sunset. From its almost eight thousand square meters of extension and thanks to its elevation, you will enjoy the best views of the city you can imagine. Rome will shine at your feet like in the times of Julius Caesar.

vistas nocturas de Roma

We got a slice of the underground world talking about Madrid, now we fully go into it with a trip to Berlin, the most alternative European capital. There you will find many underground places full of mystery, but perhaps the most curious of them all is the Spreepark, the only amusement park in Germany that was closed to the public and later abandoned. A post-apocalyptic scenario that will make lovers of the creepy-crawlies fall in love.

The same applies to London, another of the meccas of the alternative culture, cradle of the punk and hippie movements of the 80s. Now you can feel as if you were in the years of flower power fervor, visiting Neal’s Yard, an oasis of color in the heart of the city. It actually is a square with a couple of adjacent streets that are home to bars and terraces full of life. A space that, strange as it may seem, is still relatively unknown to many, so hurry up and visit it before it becomes mainstream route.

noria de Londres

In South America, the main cities of each country are cradles of secrets and mysteries, impossible to name them all, but we have two spaces that can awaken your interest if you take your steps towards Latin America. 

The first one is in Mexico City. Known as “the market of witchcraft”, we are talking about the Mercado de Sonora, located in the city center. It is distinguished by having a great offer of magic, spirituality and religion items of all kinds, being able to find potions and amulets for all kinds of evils. A must visit in what will turn out be a real walk through the roots of Mexican society, deeply rooted in spirituality and Santeria.

vistas de Buenos Aires

The second point to be discovered is in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. Football, tango and politics form its citizens particular triangle of the passions of their. You will be able to discover all of them by visiting the Boca or River stadiums, the thousands of tanguerias in the city or the famous Casa Rosada, house of the Argentine Republic government. But if you want to get out of the classic tourist route, your place is the ecological reserve of Buenos Aires Costanera Sur, where you will discover an authentic green lung very close to the financial district and where you’ll get in touch with dozens of native bird species.

mercado de Mexico

Our journey through the secrets of cities around the world ends here. We hope we have inspired you to undertake your next trip to one of these destinations and if that is the case, don’t forget that with BYHOURS you can book 3, 6 or 12 hours microstays in all of them, as well as in more than 3,000 cities around the world. Whether it is to take a shower, a nap after lunch or to wait for your flight departure, remember BYHOURS supplies your comfort space in the best hotels in the world.




The hotel sector has been highly affected by the health and economic situation that has emerged in recent months, bogging it down into a large crisis. This crisis has caused hotels to encounter a new, so far unknown, paradigm, which makes them rethink the consumption and offer pattern to be proposed to the customers.

The phases to lift lockdown restrictions that our society has experienced, and consequently, shops, hotels and restaurants among others, have meant that we do not currently have the security and freedom to travel to other parts of the world. That’s why local tourism has become the only way out for citizens and hoteliers.

BYHOURS holds the key for supporting the sector so that hotels can continue offering customers what they like best: a stay in the hotel of their dreams.Being the only international platform and app that offers micro-stays of 3, 6 and 12 hours in more than 3,000 hotels around the world, this is the solution for hotel occupancy.

hotel reception

Local tourism will be the trend and the claim among citizens around the world. The motivation of helping the country’s economy and the fact of not being able to travel with total freedom, will make people choose a national destiny for their holidays and relaxing getaways.


What does it bring to the sector?

BYHOURS, since its creation in 2012 and with a worldwide expansion, has brought the freshness and dynamics of offering the user what he needs to the hotel sector. It’s a company that has broken paradigms and has proved that micro-stays are a hot topic, being very cost-effective for hotels. Such is the case that we already have more than 3000 hotels around the world to which we have already generated more than 300K reservations and more than 15 million euros.

The hotels have more visibility thanks to BYHOURS platform, which achieves more than 100k visits per month, and has great reservations figures on a monthly basis. 

hotel room

Thanks to the hotel classification by time pack, country and city, as well as the offered price, users do have it very easy to find the hotels available only on BYHOURS platform. The hotel design and its visualization in the web allows the client to know better the good hotels that collaborate with BYHOURS, and thus to become a recurrent when making reservations.

Do you want to know firsthand how is BYHOURS platform? Our hotel team has prepared a tutorial so that you can see for yourself all that joining BYHOURS can bring to you.

Stopovers & Airports



You surely keep as a treasure memories of your trips to some of the most beautiful countries in the world, those that were in your bucket list, maybe because of their exotic culture or because of their lush beaches. Perhaps it was their wild nature that caught your attention? In any case, trips full of pleasant memories that probably began in an airport… or perhaps more than one if you had to make a stopover.

Because today we want to talk about airports, the starting point of all long-distance trips. We’re going to discover the secrets of some of the biggest and most spectacular airports in the world, as well as the available options for you not to spend hours and hours waiting in an airport chair trying to rest with an eye always open so that your hand luggage is not stolen.

We start our route in what’s probably the largest air connection hub that exists: Dubai International Airport. With over 85 million passengers in 2018, it’s one of the busiest airports in the world. Of course you can find dozens of restaurants and the most prestigious brands shops, but if you are looking for some inner-peace time, don’t hesitate to visit its Zen gardens with a waterfall included, a space that will allow you to forget for a moment that you are still inside an airport. 

internal airports

And once you’ve done all your shopping and visited the Zen garden, you realize that you still have 8 hours left in your stop over. What do you do? Resting in one of BYHOURS’ hotels next to the Dubai airport, such as the City Seasons Dubai Hotel, where you can comfortably rest while waiting for your flight departure.

We are now travelling to another prominent air connection hub. This happens to be the largest airport in Europe in terms of passenger volume. You are right, we are talking about London’s Heathrow Airport, with more than 78 million passengers in 2018. This airport does not stand out neither for its architectural design nor for its leisure activities in offer. In fact, the most outstanding feature in this airport is its size: with more than 12 square km of extension, the airport counts with train service connecting its 5 terminals. As a curiosity, the airport has a sixth terminal for VIP purposes which is only accessible to the Royal Family members and other personalities so, unless you are Queen Elizabeth II and for some strange reason you are reading the BYHOURS blog, you will not be able to set foot in this terminal. 


What you’ll be allowed to do is forgetting about uncomfortable waitings in airport seats, by booking for 3, 6 or 12 hours at the Hyatt Place London Heathrow Airport hotel. Luxury and comfort next to the airport’s main access.

We now move on to German terrain, specifically to Frankfurt’s airport, third on the list of Europe’s busiest airports, with more than 69 million passengers in 2018. The interesting thing about this airport is that, unlike London’s, it does offer activities to entertain its travellers. Are you a yogi? Perfect! You can relax by practicing yoga at any time in any of the two rooms that have been set up for this purpose. There you will find mats and a screen with exercises that will serve as a guide. Are you more of a film lover? Perfect too! The airport has its own projection space: eight cubicles with carpet floor and three comfortable armchairs in front of a large screen. The best thing is that you can choose the movie you prefer amongst those in offer.

tvs and movies for apssengers

But as you well know, if you really want to rest while you wait, at the very door of the Frankfurt airport you will find the Hilton Frankfurt Airport Hotel. Spa, gym, restaurant and all the luxury amenities that only Hilton hotels offer.

Our journey through the world’s greatest airports ends in South America, specifically in Bogota. Its main airport, El Dorado, was recognized in 2018 as Latin America’s best airport in a survey among travelers organized by the company Skytrax, which specializes in airports and airlines. This recognition came to them having taken into account aspects such as their arrivals service, connections, shopping, security and migration.

Even without large entertainment facilities, the El Dorado airport was reopened in 2017 after local government invested more than US$1.2 billion to replace the old terminal built 58 years ago. So get ready to enjoy a modern airport that counts with all the comforts you’d expect from a 21st century infrastructure. 

airport entrance of Bogotá, Colombia

But if you are the kind of person who cannot be impressed by avant-garde architecture and instead highly values comfort and resting time, you’ll find at your disposal several hotels, such as the Hotel Habitel, located just a few meters away from the airport’s entrance. Your hotel by hours in Bogota airport.

As you can see, an airport is an ecosystem in itself. Each one of them offers the traveler diverse entertainment options within the limitations of a space designed for air traffic. But if what you are really looking for is some rest, trust BYHOURS to book your hotel by hours at the world’s main airports.

Stopovers & Airports



You have to fly and you’re afraid of missing your flight? Today at BYHOURS we give you 3 tricks to not miss a flight and get to your destination without any problem because even though we have everything programmed, there are several external factors that do not depend on us and can make us miss the scheduled flight.

Factor 1: Traffic

The first trick to not missing a scheduled flight is to keep in mind that as much as you want to, you can’t control the traffic. There is always a big city near the airport and near a big city there are traffic problems, especially if your flight is during the week. Whether it’s 7am or 2pm, you might arrive late at the airport because of a traffic problem and therefore miss your flight.
Bearing in mind that traffic is a determining factor in arriving on time, it is best to do the following:
If your flight is early in the morning: Sleep in an airport hotel, in BYHOURS we have a section where you can see all the hotels near the airport in each city. All you have to do is click here.
If your flight is at midday or in the afternoon: Arrive between 3 and 4 hours before and relax in one of the hotels that you can find near or inside the airport and take advantage to work relaxed in the room.

Factor 2: Security control

Normally when we go on a business trip we don’t check in a suitcase, so we carry everything in a small suitcase (See article on bag or suitcase here). That’s why the security control can be a bit more uncomfortable than usual so you should know that going prepared will save you a lot of time.
That’s why you should know that: Do not carry anything metal that can be detected by the control

The metal detector
At the moment of validating our luggage, we will have to come face to face with a great enemy: the metal detector. He will be there, waiting for us, ready to shout to the four winds if we carry objects we shouldn’t. This device can make us lose a lot of time if we do not face him well prepared. Organize your toiletry bag with the products that are sold in numerous stores so that the passage is easy, fast and comfortable.

Factor 3: Documentation

Whether you go near or far, it is best to take the documents that may be required, by hand, not to put them at the bottom of the suitcase as you may have finally left them at home or they may have been lost.
Today there are many firms that sell special products to keep the necessary documents and avoid this type of mishap, the crucial thing is to incorporate the habit of taking it every time we go and have it close in case something unexpected happens and it is required.
And like everything in life, on occasion and although we put all our efforts to arrive on time, not always everything can be controlled so for any setback, cancellation or delay of our flight, it is best to have the BYHOURS app close by and take advantage of those hours to work quietly, go to the gym, relax in the SPA or sleep before traveling.



  • This new round will allow the by-the-hour hotel bookings company to continue to grow in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, as well as expand into the United States.
  • The company, with headquarters in Barcelona and a new office in Mexico, offers microstays of 3, 6 and 12 hours in over 3,000 hotels in 600 international destinations

21 January 2020.- BYHOURS, the leading platform in booking hotel rooms by the hour, has closed a new international funding round at 8 million euros. The company, founded by Christian Rodríguez and Guillermo Gaspart, is the first and only platform that allows microstay bookings in more than 3,000 hotels around the world in packs of 3, 6 and 12 hours, where the user chooses the check-in and check-out time, 24 hours a day. With this new round, BYHOURS aims to consolidate its presence in Europe, Latin America and flight connection points in the Middle East, as well as to start operations in the United States.

Since its creation in 2012, the company has been supported by national and international investors with a total value of 18 million euros. New international investors have participated in this new funding round, including lead investors such as Angel Ventures and DILA Capital, both from Mexico, as well as current partners such as Howzat Partners. “Our goal for 2020 is, in addition to continuing to grow in our current markets and to start operations in the United States, to be able to develop the B2B market and improve our connectivity with other players in the tourism sector,” said Guillermo Gaspart, CEO and founder of BYHOURS.

BYHOURS is one of the most promising start-ups in the tourism sector in Spain and abroad, leading an innovative concept of microstay hotel bookings. “We bring flexibility to a sector that until now has been very limited to its traditional rules and operations and we provide additional income to the hotel sector,” explained Christian Rodriguez. “Frequent travellers, whether business or family, can stay for a few hours in hotels near airports, train stations, business areas or in the city centre. We also offer hotels near hospitals, football stadiums, theatres, leisure areas…”

The platform already has more than 250,000 users and has sold more than one million hotel hours, generating more than 20 million euros in turnover for the hotel industry. In line with its clear internationalisation strategy, last year the company opened a new office in Mexico with the aim of centralising operations and projects in Latin America, as well as managing the United States opening by attracting hotels in the country and developing business in the US market. In fact, by the end of 2019, 52% of the company’s total sales were international.

By 2020, the company expects to increase its turnover by more than 150% with the addition of more than 2,000 hotels to its portfolio. The platform also expects that next year 75% of its revenue will come from international bookings.

The platform already has a total of 62 employees, 48 in Barcelona and 14 in Mexico City.



BYHOURS is the first and only platform that allows microstay bookings in 3, 6 and 12 hour packs in more than 3,000 hotels around the world and where the user chooses the check-in and check-out time, 24 hours a day.

Founded in 2012, BYHOURS is one of the most promising start-ups in the tourism sector in Spain and abroad, leading an innovative concept of booking by the hour. Users can currently book in more than 20 countries and 600 destinations.



  • Byhours, the app of micro hotel stays in packs of 3, 6 and 12 hours, has made a study to know the intentions of the Spanish, as for the tourism, once the confinement derived from the coronavirus is finished.
  • Guillermo Gaspart, one of the CEOs of BYHOURS, considers that his business model will help the hotel sector to overcome the crisis left by the pandemic.
  • In Spain, tourism contributes more than 14% of the GDP and is the second largest economic engine.

The coronavirus pandemic crisis has changed the way millions of people around the world work and interact. The virus has paralyzed Easter travel, among so many other celebrations that these weeks have been canceled, as well as all hotel reservations. There are countless events in Spain, with great tourist potential, which have meant great economic losses for the sector and the complete paralysis of its activity.

BYHOURS, the micro-stay hotel app with which the user decides the time of entry and exit of the room in packs per hour, has carried out a study to find out the intentions of the Spanish, in terms of tourism, once the total confinement is over.

According to the data obtained by the platform, which was born in 2012 to introduce the pay-per-use system in the hotel sector, 93.7% of those surveyed said that they would go on holiday this year, while only 6.3% would not be able to have a holiday. A figure that suggests a much faster recovery of the economy to return to normal. At least, in the minds of those polled.

The post-COVID-19 situation “is not going to be positive, but neither is it going to be a drama,” according to BYHOURS’ CEOs

posado de los ceos de byhours

The tourism sector has undoubtedly been one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus, but businessmen like Guillermo Gaspart and Christian Rodriguez, the CEOs of BYHOURS, are confident that they can survive this crisis. “We want to try not to be so penalized,” says Rodriguez, who hopes that the desire to go out that people now have confined to their homes will last so that they can return to normal activity. “After the quarantine, many people will be invaded by a breath of freedom, which will push them into tourist consumption, mainly from the local area, which will take advantage of the hotels,” he says.

“The micro-stay gives us a different opportunity. We are aware that a few months ago people were not considering an oasis of freedom and now it can be the best of all prizes to, for example, save a relationship after many weeks of confinement and with the chaos of children at home,” said Rodriguez, during an online conference organized a few days ago by Barcelona Tech City.

Gaspart told Business Insider Spain that the company has no plans to change its value proposition once the lockdown is over. “Local tourism and proximity tourism, as well as the concept of micro tourism (enjoying a hotel in your own city for a few hours), will be highly benefited due to the new circumstances and there Byhours will be able to play an important role”.

In addition, he believes that this disruptive model in the sector, already present in more than 600 destinations, benefits and offers the hotelier a new option to fill their establishments and thus overcome the crisis left by the pandemic.

oficinas de mexico con Christian trabajando

BYHOURS believes that the post-COVID-19 situation will be the time when the sector will do less experimentation. “You’re going to do what you know works. On the first day we will go out with the lineup with which Barça would go out in the Champions. It will be difficult for us to experiment,” they explain. And they add that, “if the big ones of the sector could do a Black Friday in June, they would do it”.

“If something is going to need these hotels will be to sell more and we want to give them those tools,” says Rodriguez, who maintains that, although the situation will not be positive, nor will be “a drama”.

In his opinion, society tends to think that when we get out of confinement, absolutely everything will change. Meanwhile, he believes that “the same thing will happen as when we came out of the 2008 crisis: we will be more selective.

Last January, Byhours closed an 8 million euro financing round led by Angel Ventures or DILA Capital -both from Mexico- and in which investors already present in its capital as Howzat Partners also participated. The objective was to use these funds to continue growing in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, and to make the leap to the United States. Since its creation, it has attracted 12 million and, until January, had sold more than one million hotel hours and had more than 250,000 users.


Interview by: Andrea Gómez Bobillo (BUSINESS INSIDER)